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Friday, June 30, 2006

Finally it's Friday

It has been a busy week at the Lofton Casa. Our new interns are here so I have been busy with helping make sure everything with orientation runs smoothly. Cindy has been training for her new job at Starbucks! She is really enjoying the atmosphere and change of pace. They are training in Bentonville this week and next week and will be in Fayetteville starting the second week of July getting ready for the grand opening of the Fayetteville store on July 21. If any of you are coffee drinkers you might be interested to know that the employees are still training and have to have people come to the drive-thru while training which= FREE COFFEE while they are training. They are also having a "friends and family" night two days before they open. We are excited about no more driving to Bentonville and maybe getting to have lunch together every once in a while. Cindy has been spending her extra time redoing our flower bed in the front and it is looking much better.

Wednesday night the guys from my community group went and had a "guy's night" at Dave Hammrick's brother in laws place. We shot skeet, rifles, and pistols. It was a lot of fun and good bonding experience.

I am on call tomorrow and I found a funny article explaining call I am going to post later. I hope you don't find it too offensive.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Little Rock Farmer's Market

Cindy and I wen to the Little Rock Farmer's Market today while we were visiting baby Cole. We bought a watermelon today from this kid at the LRFM and he did a heck of a job picking it out. Very sweet, not too ripe. I highly recommend him if you should go there this summer. I think he is there every Saturday. Cindy bought some flowers for Sonya from the Asian couple above.
I was really suprised by the number of people there. I have only been to the Fayetteville Farmer's market and this one was much larger. If you want some watermelon, come on over tomorrow. We will have some left!

Cole w/ Tio, Peepaw, & Dad

Cole & Mom, Auntie, and Grams/ Grammy/ Mama Kay (name t.b.d)

Cole Leland Marlin

Bienvenidos a Cole Leland Marlin! Lee & Sonya are now very proud parental units of this little guy. He is awesome. We are so excited to have a new nephew to spoil. :-) More pics to come. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Flower Posted by Picasa

Lee's 28th Birthday Cake Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Rainbow and Old Main

Rainbow and Old Main Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12, 2006

Waiting on Blue...

That is right. Our relatives, Lee and Sonya Marlin, have decided to name their soon to be baby boy "Blue". Since their last name is Marlin, that will be really cool to call him "Blue Marlin". I bet he will be a really awesome B.A.S.S. Pro fisherman or something.

They were keeping it a secret until I cracked the code. Late last night, while I was up on call at the hospital, I started reading through their last few blogs and realized they had left us all a clue as to his name. I guess you could call those clues "Blue's Clues".

Cindy and I are really excited to meet our new nephew Blue, whenever he is born. We haven't figured out his middle name yet, but I bet it is a Chinese name since their favorite food is Chinese, which they always eat. We are thinking it might be "Lo Mein", or "PF Chang", or "Samurai". I guess until it is officially on the Arkansas Birth Certificate, they have a chance to change it to prove me wrong.

See you all in Little Rock this weekend.
jlo Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today's Life

Went to the lake with Chris and Katie today. Their friend Pam went with us. We went wakeboarding, ate hotdogs on the lake with Chris's mom Sandra and her friends, and got a good sunburn. Click HERE for today's wakeboarding pics.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

my other favorite water sport

i have definitiely have had better luck w/ wakeboarding than snowboarding. it doesn't hurt nearly as bad to fall on water than to fall on really packed snow that feels like cement. this is probably jason & i's fave sport to do together. hopefully the next pics we put up will be of us doing flips...then a pic of us at the ER. jk. we have high hopes of improving our skillz this summer. Posted by Picasa

pk & lin, about to fall off

why were patrick & lindsey being hurled across the wake at light speed? two words: Ruthless Ronnie. Posted by Picasa

rella & rina- tubin 4a bruisin

lindsey and i had SO MUCH FUN TUBING! we are seriously considering joining the NWA Tubing Association and doing this full-time. this was the highlight of my day. i love my sister-n-law. Posted by Picasa

my husband, the stud wakeboarder

we spent a DELIGHTFUL afternoon w/ the lofton clan on de queen lake. i finally got some pics of jason on his beloved wakeboard (thanks again to his groomsmen who thought to get him this for a wedding present!). he is really getting good...and old. :-) "These almost-30-yr-old muscles aren't what they used to be, darlin", is what he says. jk, he doesnt' call me darlin... darlin marlin. that would've been a cute nickname! too late now. maybe we'll call our new nephew that. Posted by Picasa

el bano de 'hobbits'

this was the public restroom for our last day of clinic in Llano Verde. jason & i did not brave it, we just took a pic to prove that we saw it, but apparently, it was much easier for females to use than males. mexican bathrooms are just different. end of story. Posted by Picasa

a really cool pic that my hubbie took after it rained at the base

 Posted by Picasa

Senor Licuado de Mango

this is jason with his hero, ernesto. ernesto is famous in the lofton casa b/c he is the mastermind behind jason's favorite drink in the whole world- licuados de mango. we will probably name our firstborn after him. he has been a true inspiration to us. Posted by Picasa

sand fleas- 523, jason & cindy- 0

jason & i were 'set apart' from the rest of our team by the insane amounts of flea bites on our arms (and legs, and faces). they never itched, thank the Lord, so we forgot they were there. except for the frequent gasp of a teammate (or even a mixteco) who thought we were about to die. Posted by Picasa

the good doctor & wife

here we are in the Ixtayutla clinic. and yes, jason is taller than the ceiling rafters. unprecedented. Posted by Picasa

Parker Pic

Well, as you can see, Parker likes his food. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 05, 2006

the future of the Mixtecos

these kids think digital cameras are the COOLest things ever! they will pose all day long if you'll let them see what it looks like on the screen. Posted by Picasa

our crazy team

if you're ever having a bad day, just look at this picture. :-) Posted by Picasa