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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guess who???

Here are pics of Olivia and Oaklee at around the same age (3 months). Can you tell who is who??? Even though many people say they don't look that much alike, we think they do! They're not identical by any means, but I think they will favor each other as they grow up. Olivia definitely looks more like her daddy, though.


Oaklee update: this girl is learning words at the speed of light! Her favorites right now are "mowing" (every time she hears a mower or weed-eater outside), "bows" (referring to ALL of her hair bows, rubberbands and clips that she gets out of her drawer and spreads all over the house every day), "wee" (which is her word for "swing" b/c we have a swing for her on the front porch and we always say "weeeeee" as she swings), and my personal fave, "allergy medicine". (she gets the bottle out of her dresser drawer and brings it to me saying her version of "allergy medicine".It is so funny.) She is quite the daredevil, too! She is not afraid of anything, which makes me have to watch her like a hawk! She LOVES riding on her Pop's 4-wheeler, she loves being thrown in the air by her dad (mom doesn't have the muscle to do that!), and she loves climbing on every piece of furniture in the house. Her favorite place to sit is on the coffee table. She asks for "Einsteins" (the cartoon Little Einsteins) at least 10 x's a day, even while it's playing, she still asks for it! She's gotten good at the "pat pat pat...blastoff!" part, for those of you who know what I'm talking about. She even does it when she's in her crib by herself! This girl is a hoot. She definitely keeps us laughing.

Olivia update: other than LOTS of big smiles, she is now sleeping at least 5-6 hours straight every night! This is amazing considering just a few weeks ago, she was only sleeping like 2-3 hrs straight. I feel much more sane now, to say the least. She has been a great baby, and she is really starting to pay attention to her big sis and smile at her more. Olivia is happiest when someone is holding her and when she is outside. She is on the brink of rolling over and laughing, so we're looking forward to those milestones.

Never a dull moment at the Lofton casa! We are thoroughly enjoying this season of life.
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Thursday, April 09, 2009

the latest

I apologize again for the lack of posts! Blogging has taken a back seat for now as my "free time" is extremely limited these days. But here are some recent pics for your viewing pleasure of our lovely girls. Olivia is ALL smiles now unless she is gassy or hungry. She is so sweet. The middle pic is of one of our 14 puppies that are now 6 wks old and ready to find good homes! We're already down to 8, I think, but they are cuter than I thought they'd be! If you want one, by all means, let us know! And the last pic of Oaklee sums up her favorite activity at the present time: CLIMBING. This girl may be small, but she is nimble & strong when it comes to climbing on things! She takes after her cousin Cole who is now dubbed "Spiderman" in our family. (check out Sonya's blog for video proof of his climbing skillz). So that's a quick update for anyone who still checks our blog! Fun times!!!


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