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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

End of the Spear

Rio Ansu, Ecuador (Taken July, 2001)

A new movie is coming out next week that I am excited about. It is called End of the Spear and is the story about a friendship that is forged between a tribesman in Ecuador and the son of a missionary he killed. I first heard about this on a Family Life broadcast which you can find here. The trailer looks really good. Maybe there is hope for 2006.

My pic above is from a trip that Matthew Hooper and I took in 2001. We spent a better part of the trip in the jungles of Ecuador and actually saw a school in the middle of the jungle called "Escuela de Jaime Elliot", which was named after Jim Elliot, who was one of the 5 missionaries killed. The river you see was probably one in which the tribe in the movie lived near and still does to this day.


  • At 9:40 AM, Blogger sarah j. said…

    I am really excited too! I first learned of the movie when I saw a trailer on TV last week. I had to look it up on the internet to make sure it was about what I thought it was, and am now pumped! I had read Steve Saint's "The Great Omission" last summer --which is a great book.


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