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Friday, June 30, 2006

Finally it's Friday

It has been a busy week at the Lofton Casa. Our new interns are here so I have been busy with helping make sure everything with orientation runs smoothly. Cindy has been training for her new job at Starbucks! She is really enjoying the atmosphere and change of pace. They are training in Bentonville this week and next week and will be in Fayetteville starting the second week of July getting ready for the grand opening of the Fayetteville store on July 21. If any of you are coffee drinkers you might be interested to know that the employees are still training and have to have people come to the drive-thru while training which= FREE COFFEE while they are training. They are also having a "friends and family" night two days before they open. We are excited about no more driving to Bentonville and maybe getting to have lunch together every once in a while. Cindy has been spending her extra time redoing our flower bed in the front and it is looking much better.

Wednesday night the guys from my community group went and had a "guy's night" at Dave Hammrick's brother in laws place. We shot skeet, rifles, and pistols. It was a lot of fun and good bonding experience.

I am on call tomorrow and I found a funny article explaining call I am going to post later. I hope you don't find it too offensive.


  • At 9:46 PM, Anonymous bklinn said…

    Please post it; call itself is offensive! Looking forward to the coffee. Glad I found your blog, photos, etc..


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