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Thursday, January 13, 2005


I am hooked. Put the skis away, no more "pizzas and french fries". After a day of lessons by a very excellent instructor (Terri) at Copper Mtn Resort, and about a half day of figuring things out, I was able to keep up somewhat with my very skilled friends Chris and Katie. (click on link to see pics of them together)

Cindy and I took lessons on our first day at Copper and then boarded together on the next day. We got fresh snow every day and night we were there, so the conditions were awesome. By the third day, was able to hit some small jumps and keep my balance. Not all the time, though. I had some pretty good falls, but with all the fresh snow it really wasn't that bad. See me in action

I must give props to our friends Flint and Rebecca and their pets Katie and Sophie for being such great hosts. Their family had a beautiful condo in Silverthorne and they graciously allowed us to be a part of their vacation, saving us a lot of money. By the way, I do now know how not to travel to Silverthorne.......more on that later. The previous picture was taken just a few yards from the back door of the condo we stayed in. We woke up looking at that mountain every morning.....awe.

I did learn one thing....I am not a very good snowboarding instructor. Ask Cindy for more details?

(Please note....the above links are just a joke and are intended in know way to mislead someone into thinking I am a better snowboarder than what the above photo indicates. Also, I am in no way intending to steal another photographers most excellent shots)


  • At 12:29 PM, Blogger cindy k. said…

    oh my goodness. you are so full of it. :-) that gave me quite a laugh... as well as our new friends, apparently, Christ and Fling. (might want to watch those typos, doc) thanks for not putting a pic of me in action. no one needs to see that.

  • At 12:55 PM, Blogger jlo said…

    I don't know what you are talking about Cindy? I looked for those typos and can't find them. Might need to visit your local eye doctor. Thanks....


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