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Monday, December 13, 2004

I need a sponsor for Christmas

This child needs a sponsor. For only $28 a month you can help this child in many ways. $28 dollars is about the same as 1 date night for a couple, one ticket to a Razorback football game, half of one new XBOX game, need I go on?

I have been sponsoring a Compassion child from Mexico for 5 years and enjoy it very much. I think the best thing about the program for me is receiving the letters I get from my sponsor child, Erika. I had the privelage of meeting her this past February while on a trip to Mexico. She was so excited that I was coming because she wanted to know that I was "real". Many of her friends had been telling her that I did not exist and I think she was starting to believe it. The first thing she wanted to do when I arrived was to take me to her school to show me to her friends. Many of them now want a sponor also.

If you want to sponor Abdul, all you need to do is to click here. If you don't feel led, maybe direct someone else who would to this site. He has a birthday coming up in one month, so make his wish and become his sponsor.


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