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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Saudi Arabia part 2

"Although S.A. signed the U.N. charter, which guarantees freedom of religion, Saudis who confess Christ face the death penalty if discovered. Still, a growing and substantial number are secretly seeking and finding Him. All converts discovered in the past have been executed."
-Pray for the preservation and multiplication of believers, and the legalization of Christianity for Saudis. Pray that Saudi believers may be able to meet together in safety and have access to God's Word. (Operation World)
The "persecution index" for Saudi Arabia is #1 in the WORLD.
-Pray for the persecuted Christian in S.A. and their families.

If you ask yourself "What if God called me to S.A.?", it makes you really think hard about your commitment to the Lord, knowing you would be going to the country that basically kills every Christian that is discovered. How would you prepare for going to a country such as this, even if it was for a business meeting, knowing you couldn't take even your Bible or you risk possible execution? We really lose perspective here in the States.


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