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Friday, November 19, 2004


I first played this game at Camp Ozark ( I had not played in a LONG time until I went camping a few weeks ago. It all started on the ride over to the Buffalo with Pollie and Eric. We had so much fun that the game carried over into the night around the campfire with Chris, Katie, Virginia and Andrew, Mark and Amity, and Brian. It is a really fun and good way to get to know others.

21, or the question game, involves a group of people, preferably two or more, counting off in succession until someone gets to "21". One person starts off by counting, saying one or two numbers. Each person in turn then counts off, either saying one or two of the next numbers. For example, if Cindy was to start counting, she would say "one", then I might say "two, three", then the next person might say "four", or they could say "four, five" and so on until some gets to "twenty one". You can actually set people up to be asked a question if you are on top of the game.

My purpose in writing a post about this is to see if I can get people to come up with good "game questions". Some questions in the game are very clever and I am wanting to write a book on good questions to ask people. Well, maybe not write a book but at least start a post where you can submit your best "21" questions.

I will post a pic later today.


  • At 11:35 PM, Blogger Virginia said…

    that was a very fun camping trip, i must say. and one of the best "fireside chats" i've had the privaledge of being a part of. :) i love playing 21...its such a fun way to get to know someone on a more-than-surface level, and everyone wants people to know them it's a great way to structure conversation in a non-threatening, active listening way...and it's just plain fun!

    one of my favorite 21 questions, or as C & W say "Meal Questions", is this one:

    What are the top 5 things you want to accomplish/experience before you die?


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