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Friday, November 02, 2007

First Trip

Sorry we haven't posted any the last few days. We have been in Dallas at a C-WBN conference. We did take Oaklee with us and she has been wonderful. She made it from DeQueen to Dallas without a peep until we pull into the house of my cousins Ray and Lindsey. Oaklee got to meet Raylee, her 2nd cousin, who is about 3.5 months older than Oaklee. And interestingly enough, they were both born at 6:39 pm. Oaklee did great and was quiet during most of the meetings. She got a lot of comments.

I am still in Dallas as Cindy went back to DeQueen with Oaklee and Jessica. I am here along with the other men from HWF for the men's Quarry meeting, which is the C-WBN men's meeting.

Cindy will be back this evening and probably post more Oaklee pictures soon.


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