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Friday, January 14, 2005

Jones Soda

Check out this cool web site here.

I discovered this web site after trying some of their root beer, which I thought was pretty good. Can't say yet that it is the best, but there web site sure is fun. One cool thing about this company is that you can submit photos and if they like them well enough, they will use your photo on their label. I think they change their labels frequently which increases one's chance of getting a pic on a label.

So, my new goal is to get a pic, or two, of mine on one of their labels. Another cool thing about this company is that if your photo's aren't good enough to make the cut, then you can pay them to get your own personalized 12 pack of soda. Cool. I intend on getting a photo published, though. If any of you think you may have had a photo taken by me and don't want your pic submitted, sorry. Actually, if you are in any of my photo's I have to obtain written permission from you to submit it.

You can also submit your own quote that they may use as well. So for all of you cool quoters out there, lets see what you got.

If anyone wants to suggest a photo from what I already have posted, feel free to let me know. I otherwise have literally thousands more here at the house. If you buy some of their soda, Target sells it I think, let me know what you think of their root beer. The ultimate root beer post will be coming soon.


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