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Monday, December 04, 2006

Orlando it is

So the Hogs lost another close game, which we could have won. It is somewhat depressing thinking we COULD have beat both LSU and Florida and be playing in a high BCS game or possibly the National Championship. Oh well, at least we aren't Alabama.

It just so happens that Cindy and I will be in Orlando starting January 1 at about 10am. We are taking a vacation to visit our friends Andrew and Virginia Steger. We are excited about the Hogs being in Orlando at the same time, but are more excited about hanging out with our friends the Stegers. We may even get to visit with my friend Ken Poon who lives in Miami.

We will be in Pittsburgh, PA for Matt Hooper's wedding on Dec. 31 and will get to see most of my buddies and buddiettes from medical school. Will be a fun filled week.

Can't wait. I hear High Tide Harry's is good? Go HOGS


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    we are so excited to see you in less than two weeks!!!! :)



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