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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bienvenido y Adios a Miami

Here are some pics from our most recent adventure to Miami. We spent our 1-yr anniversary celebrating the union of Ken Poon, one of J's band of brothers from med school. Although I never want to visit Miami again (due to completely insane drivers, way too many lanes on the highway, and Hispanic neighborhoods so big that even Jason & I were overwhelmed- took us over 30 minutes to find an English-speaking restaurant, even fast food. Ended up at Pollo Tropical, which ironally isn't even in English, but it sufficed.)

The wedding was right next to the beach on the lawn of a Smith & Wollensky's restaurant, apparently a world-renowned steak joint. We had our fill of filet mignon, although we regretted not ordering the prime rib b/c it was so huge that it was falling off the sides of the plate. It was funny to see the bride's reaction on her face when they put it in front of her. I think she finished most of it off, though. :-)

Below is the beautiful bride, Shing, and Dr. Poon. The wind was quite fierce during the ceremony, so it looked like Ken had a veil the whole time, too. It was still an uplifting & very God-centered ceremony, from what I could hear. Jason had the best seat in the house, being the best man & all. He was probably the only one who heard the whole ceremony.

One of my favorite memories from the trip was during the rehearsal dinner, about 30 of us were seated at a long table in this beautiful Italian restaurant, the majority of people being of Asian descent. (both Shing & Ken are from Taiwan) About 10 minutes after we all sat down somewhere, like half the group got up and switched seats (I think so Shing & Ken could sit in the middle), and I said to Jason, "Wow, a REAL Chinese fire drill!" It was quite entertaining.


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