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Saturday, May 05, 2007

We are parents!

No, I didn't deliver 5 months early. Suzie had HER babies this morning! 12 in all. Jason's dad woke us up at 6a to tell us she'd already had 6, so we raced down there to see for ourselves. I tell you, it felt like Christmas morning! So then over the next 4 hours, she had 6 more pups, none of which we actually witnessed the delivery. Other than looking a tad bit fatigued and sweaty, she is doing good and is a really good mama. I asked her if she had any tips for me, but all she did was just give me "the look." :-) So I'm not going to ask any more questions. I'm just thankful it's not even possible for me to have 12 at once. God was wise in limiting us humans in what we can handle.

so more pics to come! We'll be here in DeQueen for another week, and are leaving Suzie and her puppies w/ Jason's parents until we get back from Mexico on the 26th, then we'll bring them back to Fayetteville to start selling them. If anyone wants first dibs, let us know! they are going to be soooo cute. We think there might be 2 white golden retrievers in the litter, which are really rare and sell for a much higher price. We can't quite tell yet. Anyway, it's been a fun day!


  • At 7:10 PM, Blogger Linds said…

    How fun is that?!!! I love Golden Retrievers, but because of their size and shedding, I can't own one :( Please post pics as they grow though.... yea!!! Call me when you get back into town... I'd love to talk over a cup of coffee or something!

  • At 9:05 PM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Cindy! These are adorable. I wish we could have a playmate for Abby, maybe next litter....

    Love and miss you. 2 weeks until I live in AR again- hip hip hooray!



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