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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Oaxaca Episode 1

Since Lafe did such a great job telling the details of the trip, I am going to let you read his post. Good Job Lafe!

He did leave out a few details of the first two days.
1) Kent's wife Kristen almost flipped the Fellowship van on the way to Tulsa. Don't tell them, we may need it next year. Don't tell Kristen, I don't think she even knows how close she came to flipping it.

2) Stu's parents are awesome! They let 15 total strangers keep them up really late and they got up really early along with Stu to make us a nice breakfast. Thanks a lot. That family defined hospitality that night.

3) Matt McClure forgot his wallet. Seems he had to make a last minute buy on my computer and left the wallet sitting on my desk. No big deal except you need money and ID to get in and out of the country.

4) My room was so cold the first night I got cold. Seriously. Sorry Lafe and Kent.

5) Ernesto's licuados de mango rock the house. I still think they are the best drink I have EVER had.

6) The sharing time was awesome. I had about 5 people share each night about a 5 minute glimpse into their story of how they came to know Jesus. Something about doing that really brings a group along quickly. If you have a small group and haven't done this, do it soon. Thanks to Dr. Dan Foutain for pointing this out.

7) I got the trip with my captian from previous fishing trips set up for the following Friday.

More to come tomorrow.


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