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Monday, September 18, 2006

High Bank Twin Falls

I was on call yesterday and actually got some good sleep, so Cindy and I decided to spend part of the day "waterfall hunting". We got a lot of rain yesterday and thought there should be some good falls. Lesson learned: Places that have good waterfalls loose the water fast because the terrain is so steep. Must go next time during the storm. We still had fun.

We tried to see the "High Bank Twin Falls" which Tim Ernst describes as one of the "prettiest in Arkansas" when it is running. It was just a trickle today, but we had fun and will make a return trip. I highly recommend it. Here are some pics from today.
Interesting looking caterpillar we saw on a rock today. Not sure what it is called, but it looked like really good fish bate.
Suzie drying off after a cool swim in the pool below the falls. She really likes water.
View of the High Bank for which the falls get their name. As you can see, not much agua. This is about 70 feet high.
Really good shot Cindy took of the leaves. I think we are going to frame this one, maybe even enter it in a contest? Posted by Picasa


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