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Monday, September 04, 2006

USC Game Highlights

An enthused college fan. I always get a kick out of seeing how they dress up.
The fly over with afterburner effects. I get chills everytime I see one of these.
Can we say "HIGHsteppin". This is one of the drum majors that has mad kicks!
Our beloved blow up hog mascot thing. He was more fun to watch than the game.

My thoughts on the game. I think we are better than Grant thinks we are. I have two season tickets available for him to the Alabama game if he should dare take them. 50 yd line, east side, upper level of the bottom deck. Great seats. Or, we could sit in the south end zone if we could get a couple of our neighbors to move to the 50yd line seats.

Speaking of my "neighbors" at the game....Cindy and I felt like two magazines between an expanded volume of the largest two dictionaries you have ever seen. I am going to make a suggestion that the UofA require people to list the width of their back sides on a flat seat and pay extra for those who "go over the line". I guess we are going to have to get their early to "claim our space". I am thinking about putting tape down and acting like the university did it, or would that be too obvious? It wouldn't have been so bad had we been standing the whole game.

-Mustain - I think he is going to be all right. he will take his lumps and make mistakes, but he looked good.
-McFadden - back to full speed next week
-Felix Jones- they need to make him carry the ball around campus this week and let students try to knock the ball out of his hands...any successors gets a free field pass. Each drop, he does 50 up downs.
-RoJo- I hope he makes a great receiver
-the Defense- they looked improved, will get better, should beat Alabama. Posted by Picasa


  • At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Grant said…

    I'll take you up on those tickets - I'm in Orlando until the 15th.

    I'll email you a phone to catch us on.

    As far as Arkansas goes - I think their defense is great. They'll keep them in a lot of games.

    Just the offense looked completely lost at times.

  • At 8:36 AM, Blogger Sarah said…

    I love the idea of Felix Jones having to carry the ball around campus. You should Houston Nutt with your genius!


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