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Friday, July 13, 2007

Man vs Wild

Just finished watching my new favorite show, Man vs. Wild. If you have not seen this show, you are missing out. I really love the outdoors and how God has provided ways for us to survive, if we know how. I learned to love this while in the Boy Scouts where I stayed long enough and worked hard enough to become an Eagle Scout. I have always enjoyed teaching people about the "secrets" of the forest. One really cool thing about the last two episodes is that I have been to both places, The Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico and the Cloud Forest in Ecuador.

I was looking at questions asked of Bear and came across this one:

Q. What do you always take with you?

A. Flint and striker, so I can light a fire however tough it gets — lifts my spirit always and has often saved my bacon! My Christian faith: high mountains and my time in the military taught me that it takes a proud man to say he needs nothing, and I need my faith. And, finally, a laminated picture of my family tucked inside my shoe.

Bear is indeed a fellow brother in Christ. I noticed on the show tonight that he mentioned a flower in the jungle was "God's extravagant" something... I told Cindy, "I think Bear might be a Christian". This just raised the bar even more.

New Episodes every Friday night at 8pm Central on the Discovery Channel.

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  • At 5:12 PM, Blogger Sonya said…

    Although Lee has seen this show before while travelling, I saw it for the first time while visiting my parents last week and thought it was really interesting. On the episode I saw he had to drink his own urine, eat a poisonous spider, catch and eat a snake, and be on the watch for crocodiles. Very interesting.

  • At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Dave said…

    I love this show. I have watched a few episodes. Bear is crazy!

  • At 10:14 PM, Anonymous Aaron said…

    Yes! I just started watching this show online. I read Bear's favorite books online and figured he was a Christian. When he swam across the alligator infested waters, it reminded me of when P. Joel took me fishing in a lagoon where he almost caught one. That night, we got on in the net but he got away! Hasta luego . . . Aaron


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