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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Promise Keepers

Coming to Fayetteville this summer! I think this is awesome if considering we are one of the smallest cities that PK is visiting this summer. I have heard nothing but good things about this. If you are a guy reading this I would strongly urge you to prayerfully consider going to this and inviting as many men as you can. If you are a lady, please get the men in your life (boyfriend, husband, father, brother, etc.) to check this out.

Imagine Razorback Stadium being FULL of 70,000+ men singing praise songs to the Lord! How awesome will that be. Get excited. Click on link above to get more info. Save $20 by registering by mid February.


  • At 11:35 PM, Blogger Nelson said…

    I have gone to several PK Rallies since they began. I've usually gone with my Dad and the 50+ men he's gathered up to go.

    My first one was in Memphis, with 65,000 men singing together in praise of our Father. No words can explain how that feels. It is what I imagine the great multitude standing before the Throne of Christ singing together sounds like (minus all the pretty lady voices, of course).

    These PK meetings are absolutely incredible, and I recommend you go...and take an unbeliever, they'll love it.


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