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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back from Oaxaca

Our trip to Oaxaca was awesome. We have been having trouble with our internet, so we haven't been able to post, plus we have been busy since Sunday. The trip was awesome, did I say that already!

Highlights (in no particular order)
-Seeing the transformation taking place in El Mosco
-Ernesto's Licuados de Mango
-Getting to see Aaron Claar
-Having so many people from our community group on our team
-Seeing two major projects come to completion at the base
-Seeing how much progress has been made at the base
-Not getting sick
-Having my beautiful bride on the trip with me
-Meeting the ORU team
-Getting to see Lafe perform the preflight safety thing the stewardesses perform, again
-Seeing Dave give his guitar to Joel
-Working with Dan and Angelica, again

-Not getting to go fishing (small tropical depression)
-Aarons small traffic accident
-only getting two liquados
-not getting to go fishing

We will try to post photos and blog more about some of the above. Check out some of the other blogs about our trip here:Lafe's, Dave's, Sara (assuming she blogs), and others possibly to be added soon.


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