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Monday, May 15, 2006

Can't Sleep

I guess it is about time to blog again. I swore I was going to do better, but life as a married man has been busy.

So I am usually dead asleep at this time, but since I worked a 24 hour shift yesterday and slept for 7 hours off and on today, I can't sleep tonight, although I feel really tired. So, I thought I would write some emails that I was going over in my mind and read some blogs. Thats done and I still don't feel tire, so I thought I would blog.

We are going to Oaxaca Saturday. The Grove church is making a return trip and I am really excited. We have an awesome team going and will be doing both medical clinics and construction. I am praying that a group of us will catch a vision for this place and consider moving there in the future. It is one of the places that is on my heart and Cindy's as well. I am excited to see how God moves in our hearts and the people for whom we are ministering. This area is considered the most unreached of all of the Western Hemisphere, and Kent says the Southern Hemisphere as well, but we aren't in the Southern hemisphere. I am sure Lafe will have an excellent index of the trip when he returns.

We WILL post pics of this when we get back and blog more. I promise. Oh, and I am looking forward to going deep sea fishing when we go down there. This will make my forth trip and captain Pato has put me on a sailfish each time, or at least his boat. Lets see if he can pull it off.

I am getting sleepy and and going to try to go to sleep again.


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