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Sunday, August 19, 2007

there's no place like the lake...

Here are some pics of our time with my brother & Sonya this past weekend. I'm sure they'll love me posting these. :-) I didn't ask permission first. But we had a lovely time! There is just nothing like being on the lake in the summer! One of my all time favorite places to be, esp. riding in the front of the boat when it's going fast b/c you feel like you're flying.

Lee got up on 2 skis, then dropped to slalom and had an impressive run for not having skiied in like 10 yrs, then ended it with a graceful faceplant.

My one & only water sport this summer: floating. Can't seem to get enough of it b/c I feel as light as a feather! (a welcome feeling to a prego woman)

Jason wanted me to take a pic of him with his snorkel mask on so people could see how clear the water is. He was looking pretty cute earlier in the day walking along the shore in his fins and snorkel. We had a good laugh, at least.

Lee & Sonya actually trusted their brother-n-law to pull them on the tube. Big mistake. Sonya was a bit terrified after getting thrown the first run. Jason asked me, "Was I going too fast?" But then Lee got thrown the 2nd run. Jason takes after his dad, the infamous Ruthless Ronnie, in his boat driving skillz.

Thanks for coming, Lee & Sonya! Hope to do it lots more in the future. If anyone else wants in on the action, just give us a holla!


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