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Thursday, May 29, 2008

today's photo shoot

just to satisfy those who only check our blog for more oaklee pics. :-)



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Monday, May 26, 2008

Pray for a miracle

Hey friends & family,
Please read what has been happening on our friends Chris & Lindsey Wheeler's blog. I am in tears & in awe right now at what has happened over the past week with Lindsey's sister's friend, Kali. Please, please join us in praying for Kali, for her life to be fully restored, for God's name to be made famous & for His purposes to be completely accomplished in what seems like a terrible tragedy. But things are not always as they seem. Truly nothing is impossible with our God. Please stop right now and intercede for this girl's life.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oaklee at 7.25 months

So, we haven't updated in a week or so. Sorry, we have been busy. Oaklee has hit a few milestones this past week. She has started sitting up on her own from a lying position and has started learning how to make pigtails in her hair. She is very smart for her age. We are teaching her to read next week. She is also getting in a crawling position, but hasn't quite figured out how to make the arms and legs work together yet. Hopefully our friend Ryan can hook us up with some video this week when he gets home.



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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Richland Creek Wilderness Area

Last Friday and Saturday I met up with my friends Mark and Randy Cramer and embarked upon my first camping trip in a while. Mark and I met up and finally made it to the Richland Creek Wilderness Area Camp Ground. It took us a while as the main route was blocked by some trees as can be seen below. We hiked to Twin Falls which is a beautiful twin waterfall in the area, although it is not easy to get to. We had to cross the creek twice and our clothes stayed dry (think about it). We were camping in the storm that passed through last Friday morning, but thanks to Mark's North Face tent, we were bone dry.
Randy met us on Friday night after Mark and I had hiked our legs off and had a nice meal of grilled Tilapia and Asparagus while sitting on a rock that jetted out in the river. Saturday we road around and saw Falling Water Falls and then drove back to Hot Springs where I met Cindy and dropped Mark off.
I highly recommend this area if you are looking for some rugged beauty. My photos didn't turn out the best b/c the sun came out before we could make it to the falls.

Looking down Devil's Fork with Twin falls behind me.

One of the falls of Twin Falls

Twin Falls

The rock we cooked and ate dinner on beside the camp ground.

Rand, myself, and Mark at the guest cabin we stayed in Friday night (thankfully)

Sign posted on the land slide on CR-1 which is just north of Falling Water Falls, on the way to Richland. About half the mountain literally slid down blocking the road. Some trees were still standing perfectly upright while others looked like they had been pushed over by a bull dozer.

View from the land slide looking south at the road

I guess Hillary has secretly given up the race and taken up residence in this small cabin where no one can find her?

Falling Water Falls. I was told this is a nice swimming hole in the summer.

Hillbilly rector set we found beside Falling Water Falls.
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