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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oaklee Laughing

OK, we finally got the necessary software to get some video of Oaklee on our computer. We hope to get more in the coming weeks/months. Thanks to our friends Ryan and Rachel for letting us use his camera. We have a few more we can post, but will have to wait until Ryan gets back from Seattle in two weeks to get new footage.

Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lord of Lords

This is awesome. Brooke Fraser is my new favorite female worship leader- amazing voice. She is a fellow New Zealander (my homeland if I hadn't been born in the US) and is really popular there even though her music is all about the Lord. If I could sound like anyone, it would be her. Found this video on YouTube, so just wanted to share b/c it is so good. Plus you get to learn some Portuguese! Enjoy! This is just a glimpse of the glory & honor & praise that He deserves. I cannot wait to hear what heaven really sounds like. Unto the Lamb who sits on the throne...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I wanna hold your hand


I love this little girl. I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed Cindy and I with her. She is growing so much every day and we are enjoying her so much. We hope to get some video of her on here soon. She has started to giggle some, just ask Grammy Kay how to make her do it. She slept all night the night before last and Cindy only had to get up once to feed her last night. I hope this is a trend that is starting.
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

2007 in Pictures

I know this is late, but here is our 2007 in pictures.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

almost 3 months

here are some new & oh-so-cute pics of oaklee girl. she's starting to enjoy tummy time- she has excellent neck & head control, as evidence by the pics below. she is becoming quite animated, as well. and we think we've figured out her 'tickle box' tonight to get her laughing- it's either my mom barking like a dog, or someone bouncing her up and down as someone else gets in her face and makes silly noises. mom prefers the latter route. her laugh is music to my ears! what a sweet sound. we'll try to get it on video and post it sometime soon. she will be 3 months old on tuesday! we love our litte acorn.



Friday, January 04, 2008

our little eskimo



here is oaklee sporting her new furry coat. don't you just want to eat her up??? this was one of her MANY christmas gifts. i think she looks like a sweet little eskimo.

over christmas break, she learned 2 new tricks: rolling over & laughing! but she hasn't done either since then. so i don't know if it counts or not. but she is talking a LOT. the other night, jason & i were laying in bed praying, and we thought she was sound asleep in her pack'n'play. then out of the blue, she just starts talking & talking, like she was wanting to have 'her say'. it was almost louder than we were talking, and she was across the room! we got a kick out of it, for sure. what a joy this girl is. :-)
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Thursday, January 03, 2008

my Granny

3 years ago today my Granny passed away from cancer. i still cry b/c of how much i miss her. she and i were very, very close. it kills me that she never got to meet jason, and now oaklee, too. jason would have been her prime target for practical jokes & gag gifts, which was her forte. as most of you know, Oaklee's middle name is Kimberling, which is my Granny's last name, in honor & remembrance of her. If Oaklee has half the spunk & people skills that Granny did, she will be loved everywhere she goes, just like Granny was.

Favorite memories with her... jumping in the lake as soon as we got to their house (they lived on Table Rock Lake in Branson), night fishing, finding "shiny rocks" on the shore, staying up late when i was little and she would give me backrubs and tell me funny stories from her childhood, playing cards (even played strip poker with all her costume jewelry! whose grandma does that?!), playing practical jokes on people, opening my own gag gifts on Christmas of stuff she would find at garage sales, and on & on I could go. I really, really miss her. But I know a reunion is in store when Jesus returns, so I eagerly anticipate that day.



So I guess I just wanted to say to all of you out there whose grandparents are still alive: treasure them while you can. I think a lot of grandparents can feel forgotten by their grandkids, when a simple phone call from you will make their day. Life is so short, so this is just a challenge to make the most of it and not take anything or anyone for granted. Only God knows how much time we have here...
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