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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ok guys, it's time for the clue of the week! Get your thinking caps on...

3. The name is inspired from a teaching we received this past summer at our church. Both David & Jesus taught on this certain word. (hence, the OT and NT) Also, there are 6 letters in this name.

We figured this would either make it easier or harder! Good luck! One guess per person per week. :-)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Ok friends, so we have a good list of guesses going from last week's clue. Here are some of the guesses so far:


Quite a variety of names, eh? Keep your guesses coming (1 per week)! Ready for clue #2??? Here it is:

2. The word that the name is derived from is found in both the Old and New Testament. Also, this name would not have made our top 25 names this time last year.
1. The name is not a proper name in the Bible but is derived from a certain word in scripture.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

7 Randoms

Awhile back, I was tagged by a friend to post 7 random facts about myself, and I never got around to doing it! But the past few days, I've been pondering this query and so I figured I'd go ahead and post while it was on my mind. So here goes, 7 random facts about Cindy:

1) Biggest pet peeve: TYPOES. (haha, I mean 'TYPOS'). Maybe I am destined to be an editor someday, but I ALWAYS notice typos and it drives me nuts when I can't change them! The most common typo I've seen is confusing "their, there and they're" or "two, to and too". A good chunk of people just don't know when or how to use contractions. What is the world coming to? Maybe I just had good English teachers growing up, or read too many Saddle Club books. :-) In any case, if you ever need help in this department, I offer you my services.

2) I just don't like wearing socks...unless they fit perfectly. I refuse to wear them to bed unless my feet are on the brink of hypothermia. I much prefer warm slippers around the house that don't require socks. But Smartwools are the exception, I suppose. Just wish they weren't so darn expensive!

3)I am really enjoying homemade hot chocolate & cheddar cheese rice cake snacks these days. (not at the same time) But this is liable to change tomorrow.

4)I take great pleasure in cleaning ear wax out of my ears & Oaklee's. Words can't express the satisfaction I feel. One of the perks of being married to a doctor is having an official 'ear cleaning kit' at home. If you ever need a good ear cleaning, give me a call!

5)Most essential piece of make-up: lip gloss. I own at least 7 different lip glosses, and keep them stashed in every bag & every room. Although last week I had to fast from my normal amount of lip gloss b/c I was having an allergic reaction to one of them. It was almost traumatic, but not really.

6)I also take great pleasure in cleaning out the lint trap of my dryer, but only with a used dryer sheet, NEVER with my hand. I guess it's a similar principle to the ear cleaning. I just like cleaning these things!

7)Anne of Green Gables is by far one of the best stories ever written. I recently watched Anne of Avonlea and was enchanted with it all over again (I watched the last scene about 5 x's in a row, you'll understand if you've seen it.) It is really brilliant & speaks to the heart of a woman more than most stories do. I can't wait to read it to Oaklee and "what's-her-name". :-)

Here's a parting pic to leave you with, since no post is complete without a pic! This is one of my recent faves.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Man vs. Wild: De Queen edition

Other than being one of our favorite TV shows, here is a pic of my own Man vs. wild with his latest pride & joy- an 8-point buck! No, he didn't wrestle the deer to the ground, as the picture would suggest. This pose was just to keep the 'innerds' from showing in the pic so that weak-stomached folk like myself wouldn't dry heave upon seeing it.

So what could make a wife prouder, you might ask? Well, nothing more than getting a phone call from one's hubby at 7am to inform me that he had just made 'the kill.' Now, life BEFORE Jason NEVER included deer meat of any kind. I'm a city girl, remember? But after some time passed and I got over the initial shock of putting 'wild game' in my mouth, I have grown to be quite a big fan of it. My favorite ways to eat deer meat are 1) Deer stew (which we had last week), 2) Deer bites (wrapped in bacon w/ a jalapeno slice & then barbequed to perfection), and 3) Fried deer, which tastes uncommonly like chicken fried steak. How do you like YOUR deer??? Way to go, dear, for truly bringing home the 'bacon' (in this case, deer bacon). You make me proud!
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let the Name Game Begin!

OK, last year I know we had an unfair contest to name Oaklee, but this year is different. We will have a definite winner who will be able to guess the baby number 2's name. The prize will be a $50 gift card to either Starbuck's, Wal-Mart, or where ever you choose.

We will give one clue each week for the next several weeks. (Cindy is at 31 weeks)
You may guess one name a week. Each week, the clues get progressively easier.
First person to guess the correct first name wins.
Post your guesses here on the blog. You may ask questions that we may use as a clue.

Clue #1
The name is not a proper name in the Bible but is derived from a certain word in scripture.